Stics uses the same proven and mature platforms underpinning Apple and Google, where we are certified App builders. It is easy to implement, maintain and use in any environment.
STICS asset control how it works reliable

Low cost, robust, reliable & secure

Stics uses the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology found in all IOS & Android mobiles.

NFC tags attached to your Fire Doors contain an embedded 36 digit code linked to a digital record on your database. When a mobile device is tapped on the tag it picks up the code and displays all of the Fire Doors relevant information. This improves maintenance and life cycle.

STICS asset control geolocation user tracking

& user tracking

Every Stics tag is associated with a GPS-verified position on registration with the system; whenever a user interacts with an asset it records their location and builds an accurate record of their movement and activity. The app records the start and duration of visits, and through the built-in scheduler will also provide all the details needed for the user to efficiently complete the task assigned.

STICS asset control how it works reliable


Every Fire Door Inspection has 15 sections with each section requiring at least 1 picture.

Uploaded to the database in real-time, they provide a demonstrable timeline of an asset’s status that can aid in any issue resolution. For example, this can prove the asset was correctly installed, or provide evidence of the maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers guides. Therefore ensuring compliance with warranty requirements.

STICS asset control photographic evidence
STICS asset control how it works reliable
STICS asset control safe reliable database

A safe & reliable

Our cloud-based hosting service ensures your asset data is always available, secure and backed up. We deal with MOD, Hospital Trusts, Schools and comply with all data requirements.

It intelligently monitors user activity and asset status, automatically generating exception reports and schedules. Alternatively, we can install the Stics system on your own servers and BMS, providing seamless data integration and functionality.

Simple yet

The Stics app installed on each user’s phone provides them with a complete overview of each Fire Door in seconds once they tap the attached NFC tag.

The intuitive interface allows them to manage any aspect of the Fire Door without paper-based form filling. For example, the app can create digital compliance certificates, saving time and reducing human error.

STICS asset control simple feature rich interface app
STICS asset control how it works reliable
STICS asset control data desktop app

All your asset
data on your

The PC-based Stics software gives managers a real-time window into all their asset and user data.

The powerful reporting and analysis functions will transform your compliance and auditing workflow. The automated alerts will only highlight exceptional events, allowing you to focus on higher value activities.

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STICS asset control testimonial quote

We came across Stics Asset Control through a recommendation, so we asked them to look at our business and suggest how their product could help us. After their in-depth survey we set up a small pilot, and within just a few days we could see how asset tagging could streamline our operation and bring real benefits to our clients. We are still using Stics and continue to recommend them to other firms across many industries.

Colin Walden

Director, Morley’s Electrical