stics asset control is the market leader in asset traceability, which includes the tools and services to digitally manage your resources, giving you visibility and control in real-time.

We provide the tools and services to digitally manage your resources, giving you visibility and control in real-time.

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Proven in the field

stics asset control puts you in control, so that you can deliver a single version of the truth to users everywhere.

The ease of use of our tags allows you to create a robust digital asset register. The stics family of applications helps you to track the exact location and actions of your work force in real time. Our solutions are not just vapourware – they are proven in the field in live installations.



Our tags can be applied to individual components or entire systems, so you can build a comprehensive digital asset register. Get peace-of-mind by knowing the exact location and activity of your personnel through the stics app.



We use the same secure contactless technology that underpins platforms such as Apple Pay and Oyster Cards. Our cloud-based hosting and database technology ensures your information is safe and accessible at all times.



With all your asset data in a digital format, you can make more effective and informed decisions. Identify trends, prove you are compliant with government legislation and supply management teams with insightful and timely reports.

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A Simple but Powerful Asset Control tool…

stics provides proven solutions, ready to meet even the most complex asset data management challenges with unrivalled versatility, reliability and security.

We use the same Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless technology as Apple Pay and Oyster Cards.

What is the Smart Tag Intelligent Control System?

stics makes life easier for your engineers

The stics app is installed onto each users phone:

NFC Technology

stics uses the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that underpins Apple Pay, Google Pay and Oyster cards. It is easy to implement, maintain and use in any environment.

HSE Compliance

Stics can support any organisation where asset visibility, efficient work scheduling and HSE compliance are key success factors.

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Productivity Gains

Engineers and inspectors benefit from a huge productivity gain as repetitive manual paper based form filling is eliminated by the app which pre-fills 30-40% of the certificate from saved data.

Total Accuracy

Accuracy of data collection is maximised by the use of predefined dropdown lists where possible.

Data is delivered to the users on time and all the time.

ALL YOUR ASSET DATA on your Desktop – in real time!

Stics App

Who Its For…

stics is for owners of building assets who have typically relied on third party contractors for their maintenance. stics allows the owners to remove any margin for error by giving a real-time view of contract works and checks. They are able to see the compliance work carried out on screen as each operative performs each task rather than wait for paperwork to come through which may or may not be accurate.


Using the same technology as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Oyster Cards.


NFC – Near Field Communication. The stics Tag talks to directly to the stics App.

NFC Real-time

Giving a real-time view of contract works and checks.

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“We began rolling out the stics technology across our properties over the past few months and have already seen a dramatic increase in efficiency, particularly in the reduction in time it takes our engineers to perform a boiler service.”

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